Inter League

Lancashire Inter League  2019/20

Honorary Secretary: Mr P Whitehead, 8 Brookside Avenue, Waterloo, Liverpool, L22 3YD. Tel 0151 928 3006 email


Division One

 P  W W/L L/W  L  F  A Pts
1 Mid Lancs  4  4  0  0  0  54  6  12
2 Southport  3  3  0  0  0  42  3  9
3 Bolton  4  2  0  0  2  27 33  6
4 Liverpool  5  2  0 0 3  37 38  6
5 Blackburn 4 1  0 0  3  10 50  3
6  Mid Lancs 2  4  0  0  0  4  10  50  0

Division Two

P W W/L L/W L F A Pts
1 Southport 2  4  4  0  0  0  53 7  12
2 Liverpool 2  4  1  1  1  1  31 29  6
3 Bolton 2  3 0 2  0 1 17 28 4
4 Mid Lancs 3  4  1  0 1 2  22  38 4
5 Southport 3  3  0  0  1 2  12 33 1

Division Three

P W W/L L/W L F A Pts
1 Liverpool 3  4  1  2  0  1 33  27  7
2 Bolton 3  3 1 1 1 0 25  20  6
3 Blackburn 2  1 1  0  0  0 10 5  3
4 Liverpool 4  3  0  1  1  1  19 26  3
5 Southport 4  3  0 0  3  0  18 27  2

Division Four

P W W/L L/W L F A Pts


REGULATIONS COMPETITIONS 1 At the discretion of Council, the following competitions shall be run each season:a) an inter-league League , herinafter referred to as THE LANCASHIRE LEAGUE. TROPHIES 2 a) The winners of the first division of the Lancashire League shall hold for one year the cup presented by Mr J.R. Littlewood, and the winners of the second division the cup presented by the Bolton Badminton Club. The winners of the third division shall hold for one year the Heathway cup. The winners of the 4th and 5th divisions shall hold the friendship cups for those divisions. b) It is the responsibility of all trophy holders to return them to the appropriate competition secretary at least 28 days before the date of the AGM. Failure to do so will incur a financial penalty at the discretion of the T & C. MANAGEMENT 3 The competition shall be managed by the Tournaments & Competitions Committee, herinafter referred to as the ‘T & C’ which will have the power, at its absolute discretion, to deal with any complaint or dispute, and to give a decision on any matter for which express provision has not been made in these regulations. ELIGIBILTY TO COMPETE 4 a) The Lancashire League shall be open to all leagues and district associations affiliated to the Association upon payment of the appropriate entry fee. A league may enter any number of teams at the discretion of the T & C. b) The appropriate competition secretary must receive all entries, with entry fess before May 31st. No entries shall be accepted after this date. METHOD OF COMPETITION 5 a) The teams shall be placed in divisions composed according to strength. At the end of each season the top team shall be promoted and the bottom team relegated from each division. This shall not apply to the top team of the first division and the bottom team in the lowest division.The T & C shall, at its absolute discretion, have the power to vary this. b) In all cases where two or more teams have an equal number of league points, the number of matches won will determine their positions, and, if matches are equal, by the number of points won. c) A league or club may have two or more teams in the same division at the discretion of the T & C. In this case a player in one team may not play more than once for any other team in the same division in the same season. ARRANGEMENT OF TIES 6 a) Fixtures should be arranged at a meeting of league or club representatives to be held not later than September 14th each year. A complete list of fixtures arranged shall be handed to the competition secretary, or a nominee, before the representative leaves the meeting. All leagues and clubs shall be given at least four weeks notice of the meeting. Any league or club failing to send a representative shall have its away fixtures arranged in its absence and sent to the Honorary Secretary with a list of opposing teams. Any such league or club must communicate forthwith with all opponents to arrange its home fixtures to the competition secretary as soon as possible. b) When a league or club has two or more teams in the same division the two higher teams must play each other in the first tie of the season. c) The dates of fixtures, once arranged and confirmed by the competition secretary shall not be altered except for special reasons. Unavailability of players is not considered a special reason. If an alteration of date should be essential, the competition secretary must be advised in writing of the revised date and the reason for the alteration before the tie is played or before the original date, whichever is the sooner. If the reason given for the alteration is not considered a special one, the fixture shall be played on the original date. d) Any league or club whose fixtures are not completed by the end of April in any season shall be liable to any penalty at the absolute discretion of the T & C. e) At least half a teams fixtures shall be played before 31st December. CONSTITUTION OF TIES 7 a) In the Lancashire League a tie shall consist of one ladies singles, two mens singles, four ladies doubles, four mens doubles and four mixed doubles matches. Each player or pair shall play only their opposite number. b) In this competition each player or pair must be placed strictly in order of ability in each event. Any complaint on this score must be made to the competition secretary in writing, to be received within seven days of the tie. The T & C shall have power to impose any penalty deemed suitable. CONSTITUTION OF TEAMS 8 a) In the Lancashire League a team shall consist of not more than six men and five ladies. b) A League or club shall appoint a captain for each tie but by default a team shall choose its own captain. SUBSTITUTES 9 A player shall play only once, or in only one pair, as appropriate, in each event. In the event of a player being incapicated after teams have been exchanged in accordance with Regulation 8 substitutes may be included only in accordance with BE regulations for the Inter County Championship, providing any such substitutes do not cause a team to consist of more players. men or ladies. than is permitted in Regulation 8(a). NOMINATION AND ELIGIBILITY OF PLAYERS. 10 a) i) Each league entering two or more teams shall send in writing to the competition secretary, at least seven days before the first fixture of any team, the names of three men and three ladies nominated as first team players, and, if a third team has been entered, also the names of three men and three ladies nominated as second team players, and so on for each subsequent team. ii) The availability of the players shall have been ascertained first and they shall not be eligible to play for a lower team that season. 111) A player who has played more than once for a higher team in a doubles event shall not be eligible for a lower team. A player may play singles events for a higher team(s) without restriction except when the teams are in the same division (vide rule 5c) b) A player may not play for more than one league in the same season. c) In  the Lancashire League all players must be bona fide members of a club and have represented that club in the league for at least fourteen days prior to the tie. ORDER OF PLAY 11 In the Lancashire League the order of play shall be , unless otherwise mutually agreed by the captains, singles followed by mens and ladies doubles and the crossover mens and ladies doubles, followed by the mixed doubles. ABSENCE OF PLAYERS 12 Any player or pair absent or unwilling to play when scheduled shall forfeit the match concerned by two games to love, except that 30 minutes grace shall be granted from the time of start of play, unless otherwise mutually agreed by the two captains. DECISION OF TIES 13 In the Lancashire League if a team wins 10 matches to 5 or better shall receive 3 points, if they win 9-6 or 8-7 they will receive 2 league points. A team that loses 7-8 or 6-9 shall receive 1 league poiunt. ARRANGEMENT AND EXPENSES OF TIES. 14 a) The home league or club shall be responsible for all arrangements and shall bear all espenses incurred for the hire of courts, and other incidental items. b) i) The home team shall be responsible for the provision of suitable shuttles, but the cost shall be shared, The price charged shall not exceed the actual cost of the shuttles, or the current stipulated price (£1 per shuttle), whichever will be the less. ii) Synthetic shuttles may only be used if both teams agree c) Travelling expenses shall be borne solely by the team incurring them. UMPIRES, SERVICE JUDGES OR SCORERS. 15 a) In the Lancashire League umpires, service judges or scorers shall be arranged by the home team if requested by either captain before or during the tie. NOTIFICATION OF RESULTS 16 a) the results of each tie, with details as set out in the official form, signed by both captains, shall be sent by the home league to the competition secretary to be received within seven days of the conclusion of the tie. b) Failure to comply with this regulation shall render the league or club liable to a penalty at the discretion of the T & C. COMPLAINTS 17 Any complaint or dispute shall be in writing to the competition secretary to be received within seven days of the date on which the tie was played or scheduled to be played.