Junior badminton in Lancashire is run by the Schools & Youth (S&Y) Committee of Lancashire County Badminton Association.  The catchment area for Lancashire badminton is made up of the county of Lancashire, Merseyside and Greater Manchester north of the river Mersey.  Lancashire, Cheshire, Merseyside and Greater Manchester merged in 2003 to form two junior badminton counties and, in so doing, aligned with the senior county boundaries.  Where this website refers to Lancashire it refers to the region described above.

The aim of the Schools & Youth section of Lancashire County Badminton Association is to assist the development of badminton at a junior level in the county, in order to produce talented players able to bring success to the county at junior (and subsequently senior) level.

To do the above we will endeavour to:

  • Promote badminton amongst younger players in schools and clubs
  • Encourage all players to take responsibility for their own badminton development
  • Support and promote coaching across the county, with emphasis on bringing players through local cells to a county squad
  • Provide coaching for a main squad of players, from which county teams will be selected
  • Enter team competitions against other counties at all junior age groups
  • Encourage players to gain match experience through individual tournaments
  • Provide opportunities for older juniors to progress to senior county level

County Squad


The county will invite individuals to form a squad of players.  These will be players of all ages that have the potential to be selected to represent the county in matches.

The squad will meet for coaching on a monthly basis in a central location.

Other coaching groups may be supported (e.g. pre-squad groups, elite groups or all-female groups) where the county identifies gaps in the standard and/or numbers of players coming through the system. Selection for the Squad

Selection For The Squad

Coaches may recommend players to be considered for the full county squad at any time. Alternatively individual players may ask to be looked at to see if they are of an acceptable playing standard to be invited to the full squad.

The final decision on any player’s access to (or departure from) the squad rests with the S&Y Committee and all requests must be channelled through the Committee. This is the only way that the county is able to keep track of the size and standard of the groups.


The S&Y Committee will select the coaches to run their main squad coaching sessions. Coaches will be reconsidered each season and will normally be retained for a full season.

Squad Training Priorities

Monthly Team Tournament are ran to provide team and doubles coaching in a competitive enjoyable coaching environment play. The Team Tournaments are open both county members and non-members.
The county encourages coaches to draw on others to support the running of their sessions. This may be S&Y Committee members that are qualified as coaches, parents qualified as coaches, or players recently out of the junior ranks that may want to gain experience as part of their badminton development.

Individual age groups may have extra training sessions provided, particularly in the build up to major events. This training is at the discretion of team managers and will be organised by them.

Matches & Tournaments

Representing the County

Anyone may be selected to represent the county at junior level that lives or attends school in the Lancashire catchment area (see previous definition of catchment). Players must be up to date with any payments due to the county (see below).

Selection For Matches & Tournaments

The Schools & Youth Committee has the final say in who represents the county in competition. However, they will look primarily at the following when selecting teams:

  • Meeting the needs of a specific event (e.g. a team may need mixed pairs for an event and thus some players will be selected that are strong in that discipline)
  • Attendance at the central coaching sessions and commitment to additional coaching i.e. attending a performance centre
  • The player’s attitude and performance in coaching sessions and attendance at the county tournaments
  • The willingness of players to play individual tournaments, particularly those sanctioned by BADMINTON England

Selection Concerns

If parents have serious concerns about the selection or non-selection of a player they should contact the Chair of the Schools Youth and committee. The Chair will then examine the matter with the selection sub-committee and they will deal with the issue in an expeditious manner.

Notice of Matches

The county will endeavour to invite players to play in events no closer than 3 weeks before an event takes place.

For major events (especially where overnight stays are involved) notice of matches should be extended to 6 weeks and reserve players placed on stand-by.

This approach not only helps ensure players are available, providing the county with the best team possible, but also allows for replacements due to late withdrawals.

Individual Tournaments

BADMINTON England run a number of junior individual tournaments aimed at all ages, split into three ability levels – Gold, Silver and Bronze. The BADMINTON England website has details of all events with entry forms for download.

The S&Y Committee strongly encourages individuals to enter these tournaments (especially those in the north) in order to gain match experience. A list of events within reasonable distance appears on this site, though it is the individual’s responsibility to enter these. Committee members will be happy to advise on events and ability levels.

Other Information


The registration fee for the county squad in 2014-2015 is £15 for all Under 17 players (£25 for families with 2 or more children in the squad). The Squad session fees are £5 per Session.

All players must complete a registration form with their payment.

Where players join mid-season a proportional registration fee will be collected.

Match fees will be collected in addition to the above fees to cover court hire and match shuttles. The match fee is £7 per player per match (more for multi-day events).

Players not paying fees will be excluded from playing matches.


Any player in the county squad playing for a team is entitled to wear a county shirt – this should be worn to county sessions. Shirts are available for purchase at coaching sessions, priced £25.

Anyone representing the county in a match is expected to wear the county strip. In addition to a county shirt, players should wear black shorts/skirt and white socks.


The S&Y Committee accounts to the Lancashire County Badminton Association.

The S&Y Committee runs an AGM after each season has finished, open to parents and players. Minutes are openly available.

The S&Y Committee meets every 4-8 weeks throughout the year to consider and make decisions on the running of Lancashire juniors. Minutes are normally restricted for viewing by the respective committees of the senior and junior county.

The Committee is made up of volunteers who come together to help progress junior badminton in the county. If you have any issues with what is happening, these should be raised with the Committee, either by speaking to a Committee member or by writing to the Committee.

Remember, the Committee do their best with the time they have and the money available to them. If you have any issues with the way things are being run, please pass on constructive comments. Better still, consider offering your support to the Committee.

Child Protection

The S&Y Committee is covered by the Child Protection Policy of the Lancashire County Badminton Association.