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Masters Report from Roger Taylor

Hi All.

A very Happy New Year to you all.

We are half way through the Badminton season now and this email is just to keep you abreast of what’s happened so far and what’s left to come in 2019.

The fist major event of the season was the European Masters Championships held in September in Guadalajara in Spain and there were outstanding performances from our Lancashire players, as follows:

Gold Medals: Graham Robinson (MS65), Bill Hamblett & Graham Holt (MD65).

Silver Medals: Graham Robinson & Avril Sloane (XD65), Ann Hurst & Avril Sloane (WD65), Tracy Walker (WD55).

Bronze Medals: Graham Holt & Ann Hurst (XD65), Roger Taylor (MD55).

In December the Masters Nationals were held in Hatfield, only a 400 mile round trip for most of us, and again our County players came home with multiple medals, as follows:

Gold Medals: Graham Holt & Bill Hamblett (MD65), Tracy Walker (WD55), Graham Robinson (MS65), Ann Hurst (WD65).

Silver Medals: Tracy Walker (XD55), Roger Taylor (MD60), Phil Price (MS55), Graham Holt (XD65).

Bronze Medals: Chris Wray & Jo Holt (XD50), Bill Hamblett (XD60), Roger Leigh (MD55), Graham Robinson & Avril Sloane (XD65), Mohamed Suleman (MS60), Graham Robinson (MD65), Cecilia Rodger (XD70).

Throughout the season the County have teams competing in the Masters County League in all age groups up to and including 70, with 2 teams in the 65s age group. This culminates in the Finals weekend at the end of the season in Hatfield. All the teams are managing to turn quality teams out as and when required but we are still open to new talent coming through. If you think you are that talent please feel free to get in touch with me via email.

Next weekend the County have entered teams, again in all age groups, in the Master County Challenge. This takes place once every season at various venues across the country, usually closer to the South of England, and our teams compete in groups to try and earn the right to be called the top County in their age group. This is an event Lancashire have been habitual winners at and I wish everyone the best for this competition.

Over the weekend of Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd February Markland Hill will be hosting the Lancashire Masters Silver tournament. This is a first for my club and we are looking forward to welcoming players from across the country. Please try and make the effort to enter and come along and enjoy some quality badminton. If you cant enter please come along and watch, you will be most welcome. To enter please the event please go to the following website, , log in and search for the Lancashire Masters Silver Tournament.

Wishing you all the best for the rest of the season.


Roger Taylor.